SLIMCRYSTAL | Slim crystal water bottle reviews 2023

Drinking 2-3 litres of water each day using our SLIMCRYSTAL bottles is an excellent way for helping with weight loss that is healthy, maintain good digestion, and elevated energy levels, as well as promote your health and long-term youthfulness, among other things.


SlimCrystal is the globe’s only crystalline water bottle that infuse water using crystal power to aid in healthy weight loss.Drinking 2–3 litres of SlimCrystal liquid every day, as to the SlimCrystal web page, can assist you lose weight quickly.

Every SlimCrystal container has a unique blend of 9 distinct kinds of natural crystals. As a result, the creators of Slim Crystal Drinking Bottles claim that the crystal’s qualities will bring remarkable health benefits to the body.

SlimCrystal is a bottle of water with a natural crystal container built in. Water contact the container enclosing the crystals when you pour it into the bottle. The crystals mix the water with their particular healing power, making weight loss and other advantages easier.

Each SlimCrystal has a carefully chosen mix of crystals for various effects. The powerful blend of natural crystals is said to aid in weight loss, digestive wellness, longevity, and general health, among other things.

Each SlimCrystal bottle contains nine different varieties of natural crystals. According to experts, they may provide tremendous medical advantages to the human body.”

The primary health benefit promoted by SlimCrystal’s creators is weight loss. Consuming water out of a SlimCrystal water container on a daily basis may help you lose weight. Indeed, several reviewers have dropped significant weight by consuming fluids from SlimCrystal water bottles, based to the official website.

Working of slimcrystal bottles

The water in every component is refilled using the ideal blend of 9 natural crystals. Your metabolic rate can increase by more than 20% when drinking sparkling water with SLIMCRYSTAL. You can do this to reduce weight without needing to adhere to an intricate diet.

This water bottle includes a unique mixture of crystals which helps in weight loss as well as to being stylish and modern. Your metabolism will increase by over twenty percent due to the water inside. 

According to a Healthline article, crystals can greatly reduce stress, increase focus, and help you achieve body a state of equilibrium These gems are thought to channel their energy into water when it comes into contact with them. 

SlimCrystal contains gemstones that enhance overall vitality. Others advocate for better mental health and emotional clarity. Amethyst, clear quartz, for example, moonstone, citrine, carnelian, sodalite, red agate, red jasper, and green aventurine are among the nine gemstones. Each gem was selected with care to deliver a distinct benefit.

How do crystals impart their power to water, and how might gemstones affect the quality of water you drink? Each gemstone has a unique frequency of vibration. When you fill liquid into a SlimCrystal container, the crystals bounce and transfer certain frequencies to the water, enriching it with different properties.

Using SlimCrystal How Much Weight you Lose ?

SlimCrystal’s official website is packed with testimonials from individuals that have utilised SlimCrystal to lose a great deal of fat without altering their eating or physical activity routines. SlimCrystal’s creators claimed to have finished a 6-month play in which most people dropped significant weight with SlimCrystal.

A few of the fat loss promises and testimonials mentioned on the organization’s official website are as follows:

On to the official website, one man, Michael, shed 64 pounds by drinking 2 to 3 litres of dieting water daily for nine months despite the fact that he “never exercised.”

Unique Benefits Slimcrystal Bottles

SlimCrystal’s creators tout the following advantages

  • Nine types of natural the crystals to support a variety of benefits 
  • A strong conjunction of genuine crystals Lose weight naturally
  • Support overall well-being and happiness
  • Maintain healthy digestion Support energy, durability, and more
  • SlimCrystal’s slimming crystalline water bottle seeks to treat a variety of problems, beginning with weight loss.
  • According to one research referenced on the company’s SlimCrystal web page, most SlimCrystal users dropped “27 to 34 pounds” when drinking water from SlimCrystal bottles over a six-month period.

Scientific footprints of SlimCrystal

Clinical trials are not frequently funded by most crystal companies. SlimCrystal’s creators, one the other hand, claim to have conducted one of the largest clinical investigations in the crystalline industry, assembling a group of 210 individuals in order to confirm that SlimCrystal performs as stated.

This is how the trial went:

SlimCrystal’s creators collected a test sample of 211 overweight men and women over the age of 40.

Half of the people who took part drank 3 litres of regular water per day, while the remaining half drank only SlimCrystal-infused water.

After thirty days, the typical SlimCrystal user dropped 5 to 7 pounds, compared to 0.7 pounds in the control group.

According to the researchers, after a period of six months, the typical individual using the SlimCrystal decreased 27 to 34 pounds “and many inches on their waistline, thighs, thighs, and arms,” compared to only 4lbs of weight reduction in the placebo group.

According to participants, SlimCrystal also reduced blood sugar, decreased BMI, boosted indicators of youthfulness, and raised energy levels and enjoyment.

Although the study did not appear in a journal with peer review or anywhere else online aside from, SlimCrystal’s creators are sure that the use of water bottles can result in remarkable weight loss results.

Meanwhile, Michael Bishop, the man that pioneered crystal study and the invention of the revolutionary SlimCrystal water container, claims he dropped 31 pounds in five months when drinking water from a SlimCrystal container. He shed 64 pounds of fat in nine months, altering his body and general health.

Below Crystals Use in SlimCrystal ?

Aventurine Green

This gem is prized for its beauty and for its healing properties. Aventurine is a gemstone that may assist you overcome financial difficulties and heartbreak, as well as bringing abundance and true affection into your life.


Sodalite controls the process of metabolism, improves the immune system, and alleviates the symptoms of calcium insufficiency. It collects electromagnetic pollution in order to mitigate radiation harm. Sodalite can aid with hoarseness and stomach troubles when it pertains to throat concerns.

Jasper, Red

Red Jasper is supposed to improve psychic focus and balance. Red Jasper aids in getting rid of negative energy, worry, tension, and bewilderment. Red Jasper can also be used to confidence.

Red Agate Agate’s therapeutic abilities are second to none, and it can help with stomach cramps, cramps during menstruation, and protecting the expecting mother and her unborn child.


Amethyst is a lovely gemstone which acts as a natural sedative. Its strong vibration hinders undesirable, demanding energy and encourages relaxation. Amethyst is a stone of protection to the mind or spirit. When used for this reason, it can help people overcome stress or addiction-related mental habits and open oneself up to a greater degree of awareness.

The crystalline Quartz

Clear Quartz is known as a “super therapist.” It also controls and magnifies energy. It is intended to boost concentration and memory. Clear crystals are supposed to strengthen the immune system and restore equilibrium to the overall system.


Moonstone can help in inner growth and strength. This substance can help with stress and mental disease. Moonstone, as to the gem society, enhances luck, grows self-discipline, and provides good success in love and commerce.


Citrine stimulates imagination, inventiveness, and self-expression. Given its cheery tint, it’s no surprise why citrine is connected with pleasure and optimism. It’s usual to employ it to bring money and chances into one’s life.


Carnelian can help you enhance your fertility and sexuality. It controls the kidneys and promotes bone and joint repairs. It also improves mineral and vitamin absorption and makes sure tissues and organs receive appropriate blood flow.

SlimCrystal Pricing And Where To Buy | Bonus

SlimCrystal Pricing
SlimCrystal costs $117, but it may be purchased for as little as $97 when purchased in bulk.

Here’s how the price works:

1 × SlimCrystal Water Bottle: $117 plus $9.95 shipping

2 SlimCrystal Water Bottles: $197 ($97 each) + Free US Shipping Bonuses Included with SlimCrystal

SlimCrystal’s creators are incorporating many digital freebies with all SlimCrystal purchases as part of a 2022 promotion.

When you buy a SlimCrystal water bottle online today, you will receive the following:

Bonus #1:

Slim Over 55 Programme: Slim Over 55 is a weight reduction programme led by professional weight loss coach Aline P that includes food and nutrition guidance, suggested workouts, and other tactics to assist individuals over 55 lose over 3lbs each week. The programme is best suited for novices who aim to lose a minimum of 15 pounds.

Bonus #2:

Fat Burning Desserts: You will receive a cookbook, videos for cooking recipes, nutrition recommendations, and other materials to assist you in losing weight. Learn how to prepare fat-loss a brownie, fat-loss cheesecakes and 35 other dessert dishes. These treats are scrumptious while remaining healthy and simple to make. Each recipe has at least 45% of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that your body requires, as well as no sugar or bad fats.

Bonus #3:

57 Reverse Ageing Secrets: This guide will teach you proven nutrition strategies to reverse ageing while making you appear young in just a few weeks. By ingesting specific meals, teas, herbs and spices, and other nutrients, you may return your hair, the skin, and joints to the way they were ten to 20 years ago.

Slimcrystal does it work

slim crystal water bottle reviews slimcrystal

SlimCrystal’s official website is packed with testimonials from individuals that have utilised SlimCrystal to lose a great deal of fat without altering their eating or physical activity routines. SlimCrystal’s creators claimed to have finished a 6-month play in which most people dropped significant weight with SlimCrystal.

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  1. Slimcrystal water bottles are gaining popularity among people looking
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    With its sleek design and range of colors, it’s no wonder that Slimcrystal is quickly becoming
    a favorite among fitness enthusiasts.

  2. SlimCrystal Reviews: Why SlimCrystal Reusable Water Bottle is the Best Choice for Your Lifestyle
    SlimCrystal is a unique water bottle that comes with a container of natural crystals.

    When water is poured into the bottle, it comes in contact
    with the crystals which then infuse the liquid with their healing properties.
    This helps you to reduce weight ; experience various other health benefits.

    SlimCrystal is a revolutionary water bottle that adds crystal energy to your drinking water, aiding weight loss goals by providing a natural balance to the body.Consuming 2 to 3
    liters of water from SlimCrystal on a daily basis is believed to have numerous advantages such as aiding in weight reduction,
    aiding digestion, enhancing energy levels and boosting overall wellness.

    This review will uncover all that you need to know
    about SlimCrystal and how it currently functions.
    Keep reading to find out more.

  3. SlimCrystal Reviews & Results from Real Users: Crystal water bottles are becoming increasingly popular due to
    their sleek and stylish design, convenience, and health benefits.

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